Kathryn Lewis

Kathryn Lewis, Professional Organizer, has successfully been in the business of organizing Seattleites and the Greater Seattle area since 1995. Currently, she is developing is one of the longest running Organizing businesses in Seattle. Her experience shows by her successfully creating life-altering results for her clients. In the trendy organizing business, she has seen many others come and go., Kathryn, specializes in entire home organizing and small business organizing. She incorporates what she originally coined “Habit Rehab” for those who want to start New Habits to better their lives.

Kathryn’s philosophy is that though people’s clutter and chaos are similar in patterns — personality types vary and so do the way they can successfully create organization in their lives. One model of organization may work for one person and not another. Through fundamental questions about habits, needs, desires for transformation and intended goals, she works with her clients to help them reach a level where they want to be and assists them in staying there.

How do I get organized? Kathryn will work with you/for you and give non-judging ideas for lifestyle adaptations and “Habit Rehab”. Not one way, by the books, works for everyone. Kathryn’s approach is for her clients to evolve with New Habits. Through experimentation and also implementing agreed systems, “hands on” methodology and organizational consulting, Kathryn guides you to a comfortable shift in your paradigm. Her experience, motivation and “Get it Done” action will save you time by simplifying your home and/or office environment.

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“Communication is the nucleus to all great relationships.” Kathryn Lewis


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“Kathryn Lewis, Seattle, is offering calligraphy for Christmas cards, party invitations or place cards. She’ll even do the catering and decorating for a small dinner party. Lewis, a Professional Organizer, also will run errands, do year-end computer organization or put a home office in order.”
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“A variety of tasks keeps Kathryn Lewis, owner of Professional Assistants, interested in her job. She’s kept busy this season with personal shopping, gift wrapping and individually addressing holiday cards. Lewis is also available to coordinate your party, set up your database and cook a French meal for your potentially envious guest.”
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Her Clientele is a wide range of people. From organizing for Amazon, Microsoft and Google executives to Ivy League business professionals; from Mom’s, Dad’s and entire families to Doctors and Nurses, Professors, Physicists, School Teachers, acclaimed Artists, Video and Film Producers, Flight Attendants, Construction Professionals, those with loss and many who are downsizing home and businesses. Huge life transitions and small transitions. These are just some examples of whom Kathryn has helped.  Kathryn has seen a lot and successfully organized and guided a plethora of people since 1995.