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Kathryn Lewis, Professional Organizer, has successfully been in the business of organizing Seattleites and organizing those who just moved to Seattle since 1995. Seattle is one of the few and the longest running Organizing businesses in Seattle and the experience shows in results. In the trendy organizing business, she’s seen many others come and go.  Seattle, Kathryn, specializes in entire home organizing and small business organizing. She incorporates what she calls “Habit Rehab” for those who want to start new habits to better their lives.

Kathryn’s philosophy is that though people’s clutter and chaos are similar in patterns — personality types vary and so do the way they can successfully create organization. One model of organization may work for one person and not another. Through fundamental questions about habits, needs, desires for transformation and intended goals, she works with her clients to help them reach a level where they want to be and assists them in staying there. Contact her about Fall and Winter “Habit Rehab” deals.

How do I get organized?  You may ask yourself that. Kathryn will work with you and give ideas for lifestyle adaptations and “Habit Rehab”. Not one way, by the books, works for everyone. Kathryn’s approach is for her clients to evolve with New Habits. Through experimentation and also implementing agreed systems, she and her team guide you to a comfortable shift in your environment that will save you time and lessen life’s stresses., Kathryn, works with a variety of people with many different occupations and lifestyles. She is kid and animal friendly, loves her community and believes that “communication is the nucleus to all great relationships.”


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“Kathryn Lewis, Seattle, is offering calligraphy for Christmas cards, party invitations or place cards. She’ll even do the catering and decorating for a small dinner party. Lewis, a Professional Organizer, also will run errands, do year-end computer organization or put a home office in order.”
Seattle P-I

“A variety of tasks keeps Kathryn Lewis, owner of Professional Assistants, interested in her job. She’s kept busy this season with personal shopping, gift wrapping and individually addressing holiday cards. Lewis is also available to coordinate your party, set up your database and cook a French meal for your potentially envious guest.”
Seattle Magazine


Brief History of

In 1991 Kathryn moved from Philadelphia to Seattle. Her love of literature, music, art, cuisine and the water drew her to Seattle. She has worked in many avenues of publishing, import/export and the restaurant business, among others, to collect a favorable amount of skills. She started her first business in desktop publishing in Philadelphia (a little ahead of her time then) and later another business doing T-shirt design in San Diego. An Entrepreneur at heart and in her blood, she kept searching for and acquiring an array of skills. With her education in journalism and experience in publishing, the restaurant business, administration, production, management and assistance, she finally decided to envelope all skills and start a Professional Organizing business. From creating a business plan to organizing an office or a home, to planning and cooking up a fabulous dinner party — Kathryn is a multi-tasking, multi-talented gem. Her assistants are required to follow her models and she selects each contractor for their individual talents.


In those industries, and by running her own business, she collected organizational, administration, managerial and computer skills, among other talents. She developed the skills of working under deadlines by using organization and time awareness while still being efficient, productive and “keeping her cool”. She has worn many hats and collected them all to create her business that has survived since 1995. She also has been licensed as a Realtor® and can consult you and help you with a move in/out or stage your home. Call her for a free consultation or e-mail her anytime.

Terry Cavet, Freelance Writer and Client


Home and Small Business Professional Organizing Services

  • Organization of Homes and Small Businesses
  • Space Planning
  • Home Management
  • Moving Services: Coordinating, packing, organizing and more
  • Coaching by Kathryn — Life Organizing, Creative Living
  • Digital Organizing

Other services may be sub-contracted depending on the needs of the client.

Kathryn Lewis, Sole Proprietor

Professional Organizer, Certified REPA, NAPO compliant


“I had only 6 weeks to go through an enormous amount of stuff in my home and pack what I need and give away what I didn’t so that I could move out of the country. I would never have been able to get all this done in such a short amount of time without Kathryn’s help! Kathryn was reliable and extremely pleasant to work with and I am so glad I found her!”

Paula Hightower

“I can’t possibly recommend this service enough. It’s like having a personal super hero who can do all the things that you don’t have time to do – like, picking up and putting together furniture; filing all the household paperwork; figuring out where in the hell that new couch should go. I hired Seattle-Organizers when I moved into my new apartment, and Kathryn, the owner, has been with me through every step of unpacking, arranging the furniture, getting rid of old furniture, getting new furniture – Really just a life and time saver. (And a smart, funny gal, too!)”

C.Y. Seattle, WA

“Kathryn did a superb job for the French Cultural Center in connecting us with her development of projects and cabarets, as well as helping me to chuck out unnecessary paperwork and to drop non-productive clients. Right now, this world needs more organizers like Kathryn.”

G. Diamond, Seattle, WA

“I nearly lost my mind trying to get myself together in my new condo. Just couldn’t seem to do it. So, I googled and found and Kathryn came out to help me. She space planned my entire place and helped me get rid of (“PURGE”, as she says) tons of stuff I didn’t need or use at all and then did a interior design job on every room. She has an eye for it and did things I NEVER would have thought of. I highly recommend Kathryn and Seattle-Organizers!”

Mark Goldberg, Seattle, WA

“My home office was a total nightmare. I spent forever looking for things, my computer was so filled with too many files and so was my office. She organized my whole business and then after that took care of the house. I can’t thank her enough for how much easier she made my life. I tried other organizers but she was the best and worked with me and my defects and didn’t try to change me but has helped me break some old habits. Then, when we moved she also organized that! Cheers to Seattle-Organizers!”

Stephanie T., X-Seattlite

“I’m an incredibly disorganized person, so was very happy to have Kathryn come in and organize my home. She was able to organize my home in a way that was logical and her help was definitely worth every penny. Thanks Kathryn!”

Jason G, Portland, OR

“Kathryn at Seattle Organizers is a Godsend! She has rescued me from my chaos numerous times with efficiency, endlessly creative solutions, and a good dose of humor. I cannot praise her work highly enough. If your space is a mess, give Seattle Organizers a call and ask for Kathryn. She’ll straighten it all out for you.”

Tony Millett



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