5 Back to School Organizing Tips  to get yourself and your kids “Amped Up” for the new school year – here are some tips…

Many of us, children included, have our time clocks re-arranged in the summer.

5 Professional Organizer Tips for Back to School: 

(1.) A week before school starts – get back to the bedtime and wake-up time that you go by during the school season.

(2.) Set an alarm every day for 20 minutes, leading up to school’s start, the best time in your “free-time”. As if it’s a Doctor’s appointment, tackle one area at a time. Start with what bothers you the most – say, your child’s closet. Then start purging and making piles to donate un-used items and make mental inventory of what you have. Don’t BUY anything new until you know what you and your child truly needs. Take them with you shopping so they can choose what They want. It will be used more and appreciated more if they pick it out themselves.

(3.) Organize each child’s closet so there is no Mad Rush and wasting time picking out clothes in the morning. Ask them to pick out their outfit the night before. You can also experiment with picking out and entire week of clothes on the weekend and seeing how that works. Labeling the days so the kids can simply grab it, dress, eat breakfast and get to school on time. Consistency is KEY! 

(4.) The night before a school-day, pack your bag. Also, pack sharpened pencils to save everyone else’s time during classes.  Avoid the frantic morning rush to decrease everyone’s stress. A calm kid is a better learner!

(5.) Organize school lunches by using clear containers for each child in your refrigerator and pantry. Food supplies in clear containers make it much easier to see your inventory. Making a fresh meal is always preferred, but not everyone can make time for that. If you can set a schedule to do this the night before, your mornings will be much smoother. Again, look at it like a Dr’s appointment that you simply just must go to.

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