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Before Marie Kondo there was… Seattle Organizers


How do I get Organized?

We believe in a unique and customized consulting experience for each and every client.

Non-judgemental Organizing from a Professional Organizer who has Organized all over the Seattle area for a wide variety of Organizing Clients from Microsoft, Amazon, Google Execs and programmers to Doctors, Physicists, and a plethora of Artists to Single Parent homes to entire families from babies up to teens.

Communication is the nucleus to all great relationships. While personally tailoring your Organization to your needs and wants, we add FUN to the process and will consult you during the process of Creating New Habits to save time and Money in the long run.

Why waste time looking for things?

Everything needs a home and that’s what we will create while purging, donating, eliminating and recycling. I work with what you have at first so you aren’t buying more things to get organized until needed.



How to tackle your Laundry Issues

There are two types of people – people who do laundry a lot and in small loads and people who wait to do laundry until it is 3K loads and overwhelming. So, yes, there are many types of “laundry-doers”. However, in my many years at Seattle Organizers.com and helping clients with organizing their homes and finding laundry solutions, these are the basic two types of “laundry doers”. Which one are you?
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Easy DIY Repairs

Do you ever feel like your home always has some small thing in need of repair? Your first instinct may be to pick up the phone and call in a professional, and sometimes hiring a pro is best. But there are plenty of easy fixes and preventive maintenance tasks you can do yourself.
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