Kathryn Lewis seattle-organizers.com


Kathryn Lewis seattle-organizers.com

Professional Home Organizing, Organizing Consulting and Service

Organizing Homes and Businesses in the Seattle area Since 1995

Kathryn Lewis, Owner and Professional Organizer and Organizing Consultant.

Before Marie Kondo there was… Seattle Organizers


Kathryn Lewis seattle-organizers.com

How do I get Organized? Just for starters...

DE-CLUTTER, SORT, PURGE, CATEGORIZE, DONATE, RECYCLE, RE-use, Sell,GIVE to friends...and make room for more SPACE and a clear mind.

Seattle Organizers delivers a unique, customized & tailored consulting experience. Non-judgmental Organizing from a Professional Organizer who has Organized all over the Seattle area since 1995. Organizing homes for busy professionals, busy families and organizes small businessess. Organizing Clients from Microsoft, Amazon, Google Execs and programmers to Doctors, Physicists, and a plethora of Artists to Single Parent homes and busy stay at home Moms and Dads.

Relocating? Down-sizing your home or up-sizing your home? Selling or buying a new home? Get organized, first. Communication is the nucleus to all great relationships. While personally tailoring Organizational systems for your home, we add FUN to the process and will consult you during the process of Creating New Habits to save Time and Money in the long run.

Kathryn Lewis seattle-organizers.com

Why waste time looking for things?

Everything needs a home and that’s what we will create while purging, donating, eliminating and recycling. I work with what you have at first so you aren’t buying more things to get organized until needed.

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Kathryn Lewis seattle-organizers.com



We help Organize busy home owners to prepare for remodels and help busy professionals prepare for a move-in or move-out before the movers come in. Getting Organized saves you money in the long run and decreases the stress of both remodeling and moving stress.

For Tips on Organizing for busy tech professionals, organizing for busy medical professionals and organizing for all busy individuals see our Organizing Tips page.


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