Kathryn Lewis Professional Organizer


Kathryn Lewis
Professional Organizer

Kathryn has successfully been in the business of being a Professional Organizer in Seattle and the Greater Seattle area since 1995.


Seattle-Organizers.com is one of the longest running Professional Organizer businesses in Seattle. In the trendy Professional Organizer business, she has seen many others come and go. Seattle-Organizers.com, Kathryn, specializes in entire home organizing and small-medium business organizing. She incorporates what she originally coined “Habit Rehab” for those who want to start New Habits to better their lives.

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We specialize in helping clients to organize, de-clutter, downsize, and we do tailored space planning to enhance your space and life. Together, we will take a look at the spaces that you feel need organization and together we decide on what will personally work best for you.


Providing custom tailored, hands-on organization for Seattle businesses of every size since 1995.

Seattle-Organizers.com organizes small-medium businesses with “hands-on” organization and Organizing Consulting with owners, employees, and top Executives on their "active office systems", producing a highly effective office system with the individual as well as the team or group. Seattle-Organizers.com has organized businesses from dog-walkers to construction companies to high-tech entrepreneurs. Indeed, We have organized the homes and offices of many of the top execs from Microsoft, Amazon, Google and more! Yet, our true passion comes from helping entrepreneurs get organized. We have helped organize Start-Ups to create and launch successfully! We generate tailored office organization, digital organization and also consults for New Habit Creation and Mind Organization.


Seattle-Organizers.com is the most trusted Organizer service in Seattle with over 20 years of satisfied customers!



In 1991 Kathryn Lewis, owner and Professional Organizer of Seattle-Organizers.com, moved from Philadelphia to Seattle. Her love of literature, music, art, cuisine and the water drew her to Seattle. She has worked in many avenues of publishing, import/export and the restaurant business, among others, to collect a favorable amount of skills. She started her first business in desktop publishing in Philadelphia (a little ahead of her time then) and later another business doing T-shirt design in San Diego. An Entrepreneur at heart and in her blood, she kept searching for and acquiring an array of skills. With her education in journalism and experience in publishing, the restaurant business, administration, production, management and assistance, she finally decided to envelope all her skills and start a Professional Organizer business in 1995.

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* Tel: 206-251-2506 Or 425-218-6188, E-mail us: Kathryn@Seattle-Organizers.com to schedule a home organizing consultation.


"From organizing your home and also office, creating a business plan and space planning to helping you create new and organized habits — Kathryn is Seattle's multi-tasking, multi-talented Organizing gem." Seattle