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I nearly lost my mind trying to get myself together in my new condo. Just couldn’t seem to do it. So, I googled and found and Kathryn came out to help me. She space planned my entire place and helped me get rid of (“PURGE”, as she says) tons of stuff I didn’t need or use at all and then did a interior design job on every room. She has an eye for it and did things I NEVER would have thought of. I highly recommend Kathryn and Seattle-Organizers!

Mark Goldberg
Seattle, WA


I had only 6 weeks to go through an enormous amount of stuff in my home and pack what I need and give away what I didn’t so that I could move out of the country. I would never have been able to get all this done in such a short amount of time without Kathryn’s help! Kathryn was reliable and extremely pleasant to work with and I am so glad I found her!

Paula Hightower


Kathryn did a superb job for the French Cultural Center in connecting us with her development of projects and cabarets, as well as helping me to chuck out unnecessary paperwork and to drop non-productive clients. Right now, this world needs more organizers like Kathryn.

G. Diamond
Seattle, WA


My home office was a total nightmare. I spent forever looking for things, my computer was so filled with too many files and so was my office. She organized my whole business and then after that took care of the house. I can’t thank her enough for how much easier she made my life. I tried other organizers but she was the best and worked with me and my defects and didn’t try to change me but has helped me break some old habits. Then, when we moved she also organized that! Cheers to Seattle-Organizers!

Stephanie T


I’m an incredibly disorganized person, so was very happy to have Kathryn come in and organize my home. She was able to organize my home in a way that was logical and her help was definitely worth every penny. Thanks Kathryn!

Jason G
Portland, OR


Kathryn at Seattle Organizers is a Godsend! She has rescued me from my chaos numerous with efficiency, endlessly creative solutions, and a good dose of humor. I cannot praise her work highly enough. If your space is a mess, give Seattle Organizers a call and ask for Kathryn. She’ll straighten it all out for you.

Tony Millett




How we are going to Organize and De-Clutter you into a Chaos-Free, Clutter-Free and Organized Home with your Personal Organizer....

First, we will create an Organizing Plan in your free consult and then we will schedule your sessions. During the session, we help you in the decision process with long-proven key questions about what to: DONATE, Recycle, Let Go Of-Purge, Keep to USE, Turn into Something else, Create Storage Solutions - all with an environmental and humanistic conscience. Call Now for your Free Consult - we look forward to Moving You forward